Some rules for The Serious Wikia.

  • Always be serious.
  • Don't make a grammar error.
  • No smileys. (ex: ;) c: ;p)
  • No jokes.
  • Don't try to complete the puzzle.

Our Government Rules Edit

  • Always obey a higher-class.
  • No disrespecting a higher-class.
  • No OP'ing a lower-class to a higher-class without permission from the highest-class.
  • Any class found trying to complete the puzzle will be demoted and exterminated.

The Hacker Edit

  • There is a hacker, trying to get rid of the "corrupt government". If you see him, please tell a high-class.
  • Never. Team. With. Him.
  • Never talk with the hacker.

The Puzzle Rules Edit

No going on the page, not ever. Please don't.


After all, I got 999 tied up here.


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